Avoid the 5 stages of business data loss

If you’ve felt a range of emotions when a file becomes corrupted, the server crashes again or a virus has wrecked havoc, then you’ve experienced one or all five emotional stages of business loss: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

Don’t worry, because we’ve got a few ways to avoid these emotions at work.

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What’s your business data downtime costing? Calculate it

No. of


Ave. downtime hours

It’s the lost time of everyone not accessing data.


Ave. yearly salary

This is the average of you and your staff’s salaries.


Ave. hourly charge rate

If you bill clients it’s your average hourly $ rate.

Your data downtime cost is:

*The above calculation is for demonstration purposes only. If average charge rate is populated, it is assumed that all employees are billable.

Are you in downtime denial? Data protection is still a good idea.

Shocked by the cost? Get data protection now.

That cost is depressing. Ask about data protection now.

That must hurt. It’s seriously worth getting protection now.

Ouch! Getting data protection now is a great idea.

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Not worried? See how others are suffering

  • 2013

    2013 was the year of the Mega Breach, with cybercriminals unleashing the most damaging cyber-attacks in history.

    Source: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Volume 19
  • 48%

    Overall email-based malware numbers increased in 2013, with 1-in-196 emails containing malware, compared with 1-in-291 in 2012.

    Source: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Volume 19
  • 35%

    Malpractice accounts for 35% of all data breaches, which spike around the time employees prepare to exit companies.

    Source: Symantec ‘Cost of data Breach Study 2013’
  • 30%

    of Australian small and medium businesses are worried about the loss of their data from a fire.

    Source: Wormald SMB Fire Safety Report (Australia) 2013
  1. What’s worrying you about business data loss?

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How vulnerable is your business data?


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